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OK, Don, lemme ask you about this little quirk in lines south of Roanoke --
You probably know that the former Southern from Charlotte to Morehead
City is owned by North Carolina RR and leased to NS. Last time the lease
was up for renewal, there was so much friction that NS had considered
rerouting traffic Charlotte to Greensboro by way of Barber Jct. (and over
a three tier timber trestle at Cooleemee). But while N&W was still
a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern, NS granted N&W trackage rights thru
Greensboro (I'd imagine from the junction of the Winston-Salem line at
Pomona to Elm Street). It didn't exactly make headlines, but the NCRR
was about to declare World War III. The closest N&W came to Greensboro
was probably Winston - Salem Union Station-- 21 miles away. What was
the purpose of that maneuver ?
Harry Bundy
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