Lebanon N&W Caboose

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Sun Sep 4 15:17:24 EDT 2005

Just a note to those N&W fans interested in the fate of former N&W
cabeese (sp?).

I was In Lebanon Ohio this past weekend hoping to catch a ride on the
Turtle Creek and Lebanon Railway. (It's a tourist line that was part
of the Indiana and Ohio RR but, I believe, now has been acquired by
Canadian National.) They have a former N&W caboose on the
property. I believe it is a C-17 or R-17. It has been "restored"
with new metal sheathing, windows, paint, etc. There was a placard
giving credit to a local body shop for its restoration. Last time I
was in Lebanon the caboose was in bad shape with rust holes in the
side walls, broken glass, rotted window sashes, etc. It looks pretty
good now (bright red with yellow iron work) but does not have any
markings on it. I don't know what kind of plans the RR has for it
its markings. Alas I did not get to ride as the railway had closed
down its Saturday day trips. That's reason I don't have more info on
it as no emplyees were present to ask questions of. N&W markings and
number were on it before the restoration but I'm sorry to say I did
not get the N&W number when
I had the chance.

It's nice to see another N&W "artifact" restored for future
generations. I just wish they'd put the old N&W markings back on it
so people wounld know where it came from.

Dave Moorehead
Milford, OH


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