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Apparently FEC didn't like to buy good rail either. They had two derailments
in one day (7 hrs. 55 mins. apart). Jan 11, 1942-12:20 AM Bayard, Fla. -
No. 4 derailed at 82 MPH - 9 injured. 8:15 AM - Sampson, FL - No. 87
The Florida Special derailed at 80 MPH, 29 injured. CAUSE: Broken
rail (90# rail manufactured by Tennessee Coal & Iron and BOTH rolled in
March, 1925).

After Eng 611 had been limited to a maximum authorized speed of 40 MPH,
en route back to Roanoke, I noticed a coal train between Wakefield and
Waverly stopped. There was a large chunk of the 132# continuous welded
rail gone. No cars had fouled the westbound main track. The train had
managed to get stopped before anything derailed. Fifteen minutes later,
along came an Excursion Special. When I got back to Roanoke, I looked
at the track chart and found that the continuous welded rail on the eastbound
had been manufactured in 1973, but engine 611 on the westbound was
traveling on 130# jointed rail manufactured in 1925. I guess at one time,
N&W bought good stuff.
Harry Bundy

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