ACL Passenger Service : NW-Mailing-List Digest, Vol 19, Issue 8

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Fri Sep 9 22:26:22 EDT 2005

>Anyone with half a brain knows that comparing passenger service on the

>N&W and the ACL is comparing apples and oranges. Bill Sellers.

Aaah, not really. A railroad is a business with a purpose of delivering
goods from point A to point B in a profitable fashion. Just like with
other facets of the N&W, its passenger service (and necessary equipment)
was developed to meet its needs, and the Company was highly successful
in that regard. Look at the service record of the J's. On second
thought, I stand corrected: it actually is an apples and oranges
comparison. My bad.

Side note (since we're learning) - any ACL steam power besides the R-1
worth taking a look at while we're on topic? I'll admit I'm stumped.

A. P. Robinson, Jr.

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