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Well, Bill, you're correct. It was No. 91 that derailed at Rennert, not No.

About the wreck at Maples -- as I recollect the lead unit was 533, one of the
"purple people-eaters" that ACL leased to N&W to dispel the J's. After it
struck the gapped switch, I've heard it went end-over-end. Any truth to
that ?

And about ACL passenger service -- sure there were a lotta sun-seekers that
rode the trains. While assigned at Chocowinity, one evening I went to Wilson
and rode No. 375 to Selma. The local lothario boarded the train and harassed
the women. The conductor threw him off at Selma. I rode No. 76 back to
Wilson. There, the police were on hand to take Mr. Make Out into custody.
He'd ridden the blinds from Selma to Wilson on a very cold night. N&W
had a better clientele.
Harry Bundy

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