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A.P.Robinson --
with reference to apples and oranges, N&W's dining car menus were
comprehensible. The menu had, for example, Spring Vegetable Soup
or Fried Spring Chicken, Maryland Style.

When NS loaned me out to Texas Gulf Sulphur, I worked days and had
Saturdays and Sundays off. So one week end, I decided to splurge and
ride The Florida Special from Richmond to Rocky Mount. Passes weren't
honored on The Special, so I had to shovel out for a first class ticket PLUS
the charge for a seat in a roomette.

The Richmond Terminal switcher had switched the dome car to The Special,
and now it was supposed to be 90 MPH to Rocky Mount. Not exactly. ACL's
magnificent train control system had gone down and now ACL's premier
passenger train was creeping from signal-to-signal at restricted speed.
we're out there on track good for 90 MPH making 15 MPH. Taking advantage
of this, I decided I'd have time to have a meal in ACL's dining car.

The steward seated me with two sophisticated Manhattanites (ACL type
clientele) then handed me a menu. The menu had all kinds of Eye Talian
words, like Cordon Blue, Au Jus. There was nothing on ACL's menu I could
comprehend. The New Yorkers ordered capon. "What's capon ?," I inquired.
Well they told me. "Yeah right." Two yankees trying to make a dunce out of
a Southern gentleman. I finally asked the waiter if the chef could make me
an onion sandwich.

Well I detrained in Rocky Mount and as The Special departed, those two
were peering out the dining car window trying to see if I was leaving town
on the back of a truck load of turnips. Yankees, yuck! That was Bill
Sellers" road.
Harry Bundy

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