October 15 "train night"

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Tue Oct 4 02:53:13 EDT 2005

A reminder...

Train night is scheduled for Saturday, October 15, at
the Boyce, Virginia, station. A 2003 photo is at
. Sample scenes of passing trains can be viewed by
going to
http://www.railwaymailservicelibrary.org/videos/ and
clicking on selections. An overview of the RMS
Library is available as /overview.doc in that
directory if you can open Word for Windows documents.

The former N&W station in Boyce, Virginia, is at
milepost H46.1. It was built in 1913 with local
private funding. Evening presentations will be shown
in the main waiting room that is 24 feet square, with
a 24 feet high ceiling, or outside behind the station
if weather is favorable.


Visitors from Front Royal, Winchester, or Berryville
will come to Boyce via US Highway 340. At the blinker
light, please turn east and go 300 yards to the
railroad crossing on East Main Street, Virginia route


If you are coming from the east, follow Interstate 66
to exit 23, which is US Highway 17 north at Delaplane.
Proceed 7.5 miles on Highway 17 through the historic
Crooked Run valley to the intersection of US Highway
50 adjacent to Paris, Virginia. Make a left onto US
Highway 50, John Mosby Highway, and make the climb and
descent over Ashby Gap. After crossing the Shenandoah
River and going about a mile, Virginia Route 723 turns
off on the right. The road is marked for Millwood and
Boyce. It's about three miles to Millwood, then two
more miles past that community to Boyce. Make a left
into the parking lot adjacent to the NS Railway


Local motels near Winchester are mostly booked because
of a Civil War re-enactment that same weekend. There
is also a balloon festival and apple-picking that
might appeal to a spouse who otherwise can't tell the
difference between N scale and O gauge. If you want a
room, I suggest you make reservations at your earliest

In the event you want to camp out on a chilly --but
probably not freezing-- October night, there are
several options. If you have a camper, it can be
parked behind the station and an extension cord can be
provided for an electric hook-up. If you have a tent,
it can be erected south of the station in a grassy
area adjacent to the station platform. Finally, if
you only have a sleeping bag and cushion, you may
sleep on the main waiting room floor. For all, there
is an inside one-stall toilet and sink accessible if
I know you are staying over.


There will be complimentary hot dogs and burgers on a
grill starting at both noon and at 7 PM --yes, that's
two chances at a chow line-- so come hungry. If you'd
like to bring your own or want to share side-dishes as
pot-luck, please plan accordingly. There is a
refrigerator with a sampling of soft drinks and a
microwave oven if needed. No "Rule G" infractions are
allowed while on Norfolk Southern leased land.
Smoking is okay outside the building.

Although Boyce is 190 miles of smiles north of Roanoke
for many N&W Historical Society members who live in
the Star City, this is a great time of year to take a
leisurely ride up US Highways 11 and 340. One can
easily include a visit to see station renovation work
at Luray, or view Shenandoah yard activity from the
main street sidewalks.

I hope to see YOU! If you can't make it this weekend,
please stop by some other weekend for a chat. I enjoy
talking about pole lines and telegraph wires --plus
Railway Post Offices, N&W Assistant to Trainmaster
days at Decatur, and what it's like to be foolish
enough to buy a railroad station. Gee, I might even
talk about model railroading if the topic comes up....
And if I was thinking ahead earlier this year, I
would have scheduled train night for September 31,
which only exists for N&W fans!

Best wishes,

Dr. Frank R. Scheer, Curator
Railway Mail Service Library, Inc.
f_scheer at yahoo.com
(202) 268-2121 - weekday office
(540) 837-9090 - weekend afternoons
in the former N&W station on VA rte 723
117 East Main Street
Boyce VA 22620-9639

Visit at http://www.railwaymailservicelibrary.org

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