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I agree, there are modelers on the list, and very knowledgeable ones at that!

A couple of suggestions to those less than satisfied with the discussions:

Be sure that you are subscribed to the modellers list. topics clearly pertaining to modelling are discussed there.

Secondly, if you have topics that you would like to have discussed, post comments or questions on your topic. In the past I have posed some questions and each time received helpful and thoughtful responses.

Ed Sproles
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Modelers are out here. I am working on 2 Laserkit CF cabooses and a tichy crane and boom car. Yes there are modelers here but some times other topics get more email time??

John Rhodes

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LOL!! I have to agree! This is the second N&W list that I have tried that
has very little actual Norfolk and Western information prototype or
modeling. Are there any modelers on this list? If so what are you working
on. No one has even mentioned the beautiful N&W baggage that Walthers just
released. Is there a real, active N&W modelers list out there?

Walt Gay
Grumpy ex-Car Knocker

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> I have been on the NWHS website at numerous times trying to get subscribed
> to what I thought was a modelers discussion for N&W, but I must say this
> particular list has become most tiresome, bothersome, and just flat out
> BORING. Please unsubscribe me, I can't stand any more discussion on
> typos, the last day a telegraph was sent, when the freaking poles were
> down, diesel locomotives, or weather Thomas the tank is good, bad, a
> nuisance, or whatever. Please people, get a life, I hate to think this is
> the best discussion that can be generated from such a superb railroad, it
> just doesn't seem to do the REAL history much justice!
> Marty Reiter
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