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Wed Oct 5 12:28:13 EDT 2005

Did you notice that the timetables on pg. 14 of The Arrow are pre-standard
time? The N&W shows "Washington Time", the SVRR states Philadelphia time is five
minutes faster than Baltimore time and seven minutes faster than Washington

What may have been the reason for the big increase in passenger traffic (pg.
15) from 1889 - 1892?

Posed photo on pg. 23, brakeman hamming it up? Also, MP and pole number
stenciled on catenary pole.

Pg. 26 again MP and pole number stenciled on catenary pole. I tend to
disagree that the track on the left would be a passenger "Main" line do to the fact
that there is a "split point derail" on that track. Maybe someone that knows
more about Bluefield can clear this up.
Jimmy Lisle

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