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Fri Oct 7 09:07:57 EDT 2005

I would like to thank the contributors for the last two ARROWS. Jim Gillum’s
article on the unsung heros, early Y’s, was great. Ron Davis’ article on
Roanoke stations was great too. It is interesting to read about ‘antics’ in
the early formation of the N&W. One often wonders what things would have
looked like if the Lynchburg delegation had convinced the Shenandoah VRR to
route through Lynchburg. If so, and had the roadway made a left turn along
the river at Glasgow, would the James River cut through the Blue Ridge
become the Frazier Canyon of the South?! Well, it’s fun to speculate!
Thanks to regular contributors too. Gordon’s nice features about archive
items are a treat. I have enjoyed Skip’s articles on his train running to
mention another.
And of course, our editorial staff, in particular our great Editor, Mr.
Jarrell Greever.
If you recall a particular article that you liked please chime in!
Thanks to all for all your work.
Charlie Long
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