Big Sandy & Cumberland RR

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There is also a short history of the BS&C and some good photos in
American Narrow Gauge Railroads by George W. Hilton.

Paul Mandelkern
Winter Park, FL

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Hi Don, Good choice! You have managed to pick one of the most
obscure topics of N&W history, and my favorite :). I, too, model the
BS&C - in G scale - in my back yard.

My sources for BS&C information are Richard Prince's book,
Norfolk and Western Pocahontas Coal Carrier, and a web site of Buchanon
County History,

Mr. Prince's book has 8 pages of pictures and information on the
BS&C (pages 70-71, 338-343).

The VPI image collection also has some BS&C pictures. Here it
Shay #7:

(BTW - the link form the N&WHS web page to the VPI image
collection needs to be updated. It didn't work for me tonight.)

Anybody else out there have some good information on the Big
Sandy & Cumberland?

Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, Virginia

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I'm very interested in any information or references
concerning this 42 inch narrow gauge road - before, during and after N&W
acquisition, operation and standard gauging.
Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Don Munsey, Jr
Sn42 logging fan and VGN Rwy fan living int eh
UpperRightCorner of Louisiana.

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