New Display at the Crewe, Va. R.R. Museum

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This is a former Army 2-8-0 No. 606, formerly of Fort Eustis, sold in
the late 1960s to Jack Showalter who operated the Alleghany Central out
of Intervale (just outside Covington), Va until about 1983. The
locomotive was stored, unserviceable, at Intervale untll about 3 years
ago when the property had to be vacated. It was/is in poor condition,
mechanically, lots of rot internally and hidden. It is not, nor ever
was an N&W locomotive. Showalter/and or his business partner sold the
locomotive to the Crewe Museum I am told. Since true heritage and
accuracy does not seem to matter to a number of places, it was painted
and lettered as N&W.

Ken Miller
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>> While I was in Crewe this am cruising thru town railfanning there

>> were about 25-40 people standing around the Crewe R.R. Museum w/a big

>> crane sitting in the parking lot. To my surprise a old Switcher

>> Steam locomotive w/the tender was being placed on a panel track that

>> had been laid just west of the old N&W caboose. Here's some

>> background I found out regarding the events. The steam locomotive is

>> #606 an old small switcher freshly painted & refurbished w/Norfolk &

>> Western written on the side of the tender. From what I was told by

>> the locals it is not a former N&W locomotive but came from Goshen,

>> Va. where it was for awhile. Prior location was at Covington, Va.

>> and it dates back to Fort Eustis around WWII. It's been awhile since

>> I've been to Goshen & Covington and really can't remember seeing a

>> old steam locomotive. If anyone knows the background to this

>> locomotive please inform us. It will be on permanent display at the

>> Crewe R.R. Museum. It was a unique thing to look at as the tender

>> was placed on it's axles then the old bell off the locomotive was

>> placed on top. One of the trucks that transported it was a outfit

>> from Goshen. Thanks for any info.


>> Jeff Allgood

>> Petersburg, Va.


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