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I think your proposal to CD by decade 40s/50s is spot on, put me down for the 50s.
John Pearson
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The date the slide/neg was made will determine which era CD it goes on. I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible, so trying to mix various built dates will complicate things beyond reason, at least in my mind. If you're a modeler working in the late 50s, you can buy the 40s/50s CD(s) and be comfortable knowing that photos made in the year(s) you're modeling are represented. I'm trying to get away from CDs showing 120 images of GP38s. There is a market for that if you're a modeler but I'm trying to target modelers, historians, and folks just interested in the N&W. Sorting by era seems to be a logical way to attract the most interest and provide an overall view of equipment, structures and scenery.

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.


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