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Actually the purchased tenders had no direct connection to the aux.
tender program. They were purchased to enable N&W to put higher water
capacity tenders on some existing locomotives. The tenders they replaced
did not go into the aux. program, but may have replaced tenders that
did. Anyway, the PM tenders were bought from C&O. Add B&LE to the list.
All the C&O(PM) tenders went to K1's. One B&LE tender went to a K1
(111), and all the rest went to Y3's or Y3a's. The 10 ACL tenders went
to the Y4's. Most, if not all, of the tenders thus replaced were 18 K
tenders. These very well may have gone to Z1b's, relieving 16K tenders
for the rebuilt program. Two of them, however, went to E2a's for the
Clinch Valley train. These relieved 15 K tenders, which were not used in
the aux. program. Jim Nichols

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> Veterans,


> Around 1952 and such, the N&W purchased tenders from ACL, Pere Marquette,

> and C&O (possibly others also?) to relieve some engine tenders so that


> could be converted into Auxiliary Water Tenders.

> Does anyone have any ideas why the purchased tenders were not converted

> into canteens themselves?

> Was it easier for some reason to couple the acquired tenders to the

> engines

> and then convert the displaced tenders?

> Was it because the displaced tenders were all the same 'model' and

> therefore all the new parts would be the same?

> Were ALL of them basically the same? 16,000 gallons?


> Sorry to pepper you with so many questions, but we've got the get the

> information before we lose you.


> humbly,

> Dave Willis.


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