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The A-Tanks used with 611,1218 and (SR 4501 after 1985)were ex L&N BIG EMMA
tenders.The one that carried the red stripe went to the group that runs
NKP#587 about 1989.The solid red tank used with 611 in the last days of the
excursion program is now used behind Milwakee road # 261.Finally the black
tank used with 1218 is in the transportation museum in Roanoke.One of the
last two was painted green and used behind 4501 in the mid 1980's.
An ex N&W A-Tank was used by the Southern Steam Program from the late 60's
up to about 1980 or 81.It was converted to 2 axle roller bearing trucks in
the 70's and was scrapped in 1994 or early 1995.The smaller tanks used with
750,722 and 630 all had Southern Ry heritage.The ex N&W tank is easy to spot
because it had the rolled top.
John Barnett

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On the NS, they used two big water bottles. The first was an L&N Big Emma
tender that was cut down. This would be the one that carried the red stripe
and was later painted to match the tool car. The second was the bottle that
came along with the A. What is the history of this bottle? I had heard once
that it was an N&W tender that was converted to a bottle, but I don't recall

who converted it.
As for the other Southern/NS bottles... SRM in Atlanta has WT 52, TVRM has
WT 5x and the little bottle that 4501 carried (was green).Where did the two
big NS bottles go after 1994?

Jason Greene
Cumming, GA
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