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I think the terminal map you are thinking of was in the Roanoke
Chapter's Gift Shop, which was closed at the end of February. The
Transportation Museum seemed to be headed in a different direction, and
apparently little interest in rail, hence the new gift shop with a very
different focus.

The map you are thinking of is a composite of about 16, 18x24 drawings,
reduced and assembled to make one large terminal print. It is from
1932, if i recall correctly and one of several series that was for
industrial development by the N&W, Portsmouth, Columbus and
Winston-Salem were the others. I think we still have some of the large
prints of the map, if you want to contact me off list.

Ken Miller
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> can anyone help me locate industries in Roanoke from the 1950s? also

> looking for a track diagram that i had seen last year at the Roanoke

> Transportation museum. this joker is about 3' x10'. Thanks. Tony

> Putnam



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