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There's a new use for the railroad's right-of-way. Telecommunication
companies are using it for fibre-optic cable. South of my property,
on the north side of NS's right-of-way is AT&T. On the south side is
Sprint. Somewhere in between is NS's cable. Telecommunications
companies find it beneficial to deal with one landowner, rather than

Several years ago, in Ohio, there was a case where CSX abandoned
a right-of-way. Because the land had been donated to attract the
railroad way back when, the land reverted to the owners when CSX pulled
out. Problem was, CSX had granted a telecommunications company an
easement, leaving the fibre optic cable in place after the railroad was

Shortly after that, I received a letter from an Ohio law firm indicating that
there was a class-action suit against AT&T and that AT&T had agreed to
pay about $2.00 a foot for an easement across my property. All I had to
do was sign on the dotted line.

Harry Bundy
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