Diesels in the "Y"

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Of course with diesels, it really wouldn't matter.

You are right about this, but believe it or not when we first got diesels on
the Tadpole on the Millstone turn out of Porstmouth I turned more than one
set of diesels in the Y at Millstone
because every thing was so knew to them the hoggers were paranoid about the
changing ends routine, afraid they would disable the units somehow and we
would all be stranded up this very dark hollow. Some Hogger concerns were well
founded-some of those early Alcos had an emergency fuel cut off gizmo kinda
like a lanyard with a red wooden ball. Well one day a West bound with the these
type Alcos was trying to pick up at Ironton Ohio and when they get coupled
back up to the train before they could leave the head Brakemen decides to give
the red ball a yank. They had the west bound track tied up for about four

Steam To Diesel what FUN !!
R F Smith
Owings Mills MD.
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