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Hello:I'm in search of Information On My Father Who Worked For N&W RailRoad From 196?- Until his death in 1974 Not sure about the Starting date, His Name Was Garland W.Gibson He Worked From The Weller Yard Station In Buchanan County,Va,I dont know what his route location was,I was just a small child when he passed away,Just curious if any of the site-members worked with him,Or knew him,Any Information would be greatly appreciated,I do rember my dad taking me to weller yard and showing me the trains I also Rember being scared to death of the trains,Just sitting on the tracks and running,Just the sound I guess Made me scared,I still have the Breakman Lantern he used,And some other Items,From what i have heard through the years,My dad was always a railroad fan,He went to serve his Country in the army And Came Out Then Was Employed By N&W,
Edna Gibson-Mullins

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