Fan Trip 7/11/59

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So, this tape will be available soon through the N&WHS Commissary for all of
us to revel in, right? :)

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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> On 7/11/59 N&W ran a fan trip from Roanoke to

> Bluefield with Class A 1240, covered some branches out

> of Bluefield with Y6b 2174, then completed the round

> trip with 1240 back to Roanoke. Does anyone know the

> routes covered by 2174 out of Bluefield and in what

> order during the day? I'm evaluating about 6 hours

> worth of tape recordings made during the trip that

> have no reference notes. Mainline parts are pretty

> straightforward, but the part out of Bluefield is

> difficult without additional information.


> Dave Stephenson




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