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I have a sales brochure from Roberts & Shaefer Co. from, I believe, 1924 promoting what they called the "N and W" ash hoist. Descriptions of the hoist said that it was first installed on the N&W "thruout the system". They refer to the "N and W" hoist thruout the brochure. Photos, however are of installations on other roads. The brochure includes a very nice overall section drawing thru the pit and elevator tower. The drawing, alas, shows a strange canadian-looking loco with an elesco heater instead of, say, an N&W K.

The bucket (which looks like a small blast furnace skip car) was 80 cu ft. It looks like it could be readily designed to either load coal or unload ash. Sounds small, though, for coal loading.

Ted Goodman - Columbus

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That 'twould appear to be what Mr. E.W. King Jr. described to be as a "Norfolk-style" ash hoist. They were used some places, like Bristol, I believe, to refuel engines also.
IIRC, they were made by Roberts & Schaefer Co. of Chicago. Somewhere, long ago, I found an ad for the thing in a Railway Engineering & Maintenance Cyclopedia. I may have a photocopy somewhere. It had a crude drawing of the thing, I think. I'll see if I can dig it out of the junk boxes.
I actually wrote Roberts & Schaefer some years ago in hopes they still had drawings of the thing, but never received a reply.

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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Here's Jim Brewer's find, VTU image "nw147," after a trip through Mr Adobe's car wash.

If VTU gave us images of a bit higher resolution, we could read the number on the front of that K on the right.

-- abram burnett

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