N&W concrete block yard offices

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I don't have my copy of the N&W standard diagrams with me, so I don't
know if one shows up in there. Nor have I looked at any photos. However,
concrete block (or CMU) buildings tend to have a similarity in design.
The block dimensions are typically 8"x8"x16". Therefore everything about
the building tends to be dimensioned in 8 inch increments. This includes
building length, width, and height, door and window locations, and door
and window rough openings. While you can alter some of these parameters,
it's typically avoided due to loss of economy. Having said all that, I
would expect that the N&W designed a typical yard office and had it (or
a slightly modified version) built wherever needed.

Danial Fisher, PE

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Does anyone know if there were any "standard plans" for N&Ws concrete
block yard offices built in the 1960s ? I've noticed a similarity
between some of
them and am wondering if they all used the same window size, etc.
Ken Rees

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