Y6b sheathing

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I think the card you are thinking of is a Y6b with the photographer, I
don't recall ever seeing an image with the big three and a

Regarding color: Graphite can vary widely in color and tone, it is
dependent on the mix of oil and graphite, lighting conditions, how long
it has been on the smokebox/firebox side sheets. As I recall, it
lightens as it is heated, and needs to be periodically renewed as it
does eventually wash off, leaving the bare metal of the smokebox to
rust, as can be witnessed in some of the shots of the very last of
steam, maintenance was dropped at the very end, and rust is the result.

I've seen images that show graphite from very light gray, to almost a
gun metal color, how it is recorded is also dependent on film type.
Kodachrome records graphite differently than Ektachrome. When we were
"dressing" the 1218 for display at VMT, we used switch point graphite
paint to graphite the smoke box front and sides, it is not a huge
difference in color, but makes a big difference in the appearance of
1218 with the shiny black paint. We simply brushed the graphite paint
on. The paint is designed to lubricate switch points, and protect from
corrosion. As I recall we had to buy it six gallons at a time.

Ken Miller

On Jun 8, 2006, at 10:30 PM, nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> If it is the one that occasionally pops up on the NWHS website,

> neither the Y nor A smokebox are graphite that I can tell....


> Bob Welsh

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>> Jim et al,


>> Do you have that color card that was an N&W company photo of the Y-6,

>> A and J and the photographer is there with his view camera on a

>> tripod?  I have seen that image but I do not own a copy.  I seem to

>> recall one of the engines, the Y or A, having a graphite smoke box.

>> Is that correct? Can someone check, please?


>> Aubrey

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