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Don't know about the old geezer bit, but Ed King was in the archives this past week, and he confirmed what I suspected, namely that the levers are the injector operating levers.

As clearly shown in the photo of M2 No. 1106 on Page 118 of Jeffries' N&W Giant of Steam, Revised Edition (available in our Commissary), both injectors were mounted on the right side of the locomotive. The two delivery pipes can be seen running together to a double boiler check valve on top of the boiler.

Gordon Hamilton
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VTU Image Base holds a backhead shot of the 1138, likely taken in the late 1930s or early 1940s.

A small portion of the VTU image is attached hereunto. Notice my arrow pointing to two levers attached to the inside of the cab wall, to the right of the reverse bar.

I can't recall what these levers were.

Were they for the boiler blow down cocks, left and right?

I recall seeing these levers on older, smaller engines, but not on the big, modern engines. They were of fairly light construction and rode in a latch arrangements which contained a detent-notch at both the front and back ends. The latch arrangement, as I recall, was fabricated from a none-too-substantial gauge of sheet metal.

Any of you (other) Old Geezers remember what these levers were for?

-- abram burnett


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