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I don't have any info for your on your specific request but I will check my archives (color slides) to see if I have a shot of that car. Also, I want to commend your group for the restoration project!
Charlie Long

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>As previously posted on the List we are in the process of preserving/restoring N&W cabin car 518216 which is located at the Railroad Museum of Greater Cincinnati. After removing the metal walkway, we're working on the metal roof. We decided to pull off the plywood that was covering the front and rear of the cupola to further check on the condition of the car. The plywood did not have the window cut outs as is original with the car. We did find evidence of hinge screws on the old sheathing indicating that the front/rear cupola windows did swing open toward the center of the car. The windows are long gone. I've checked the books that I have but did not find any pictures that show those windows ever being opened. My question is "Did the original car have front/rear cupola windows that opened or were they sealed shut? The type of windows I'm talking about would be of the wood sash variety-not metal.

>Second question-Were wood walkways ever used with both metal roofs? The car has metal walkways (which look modern to me) with the metal roof. We want to use wood walk ways with the metal roof. Was this practice prototypical with the N&W?

>Once more thanks for your time and effort of your responses.

>Dave Moorehead

>Milford, OH





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