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Hi Jim

There is a lot of maritime history in the coastal ports in Virginia. I'm
just getting started in looking up the use of early coastal ships and how
the N&W delivered coal that was railed down from WV and western VA. If
you'll send me you e-mail address I'll give you some of the other resources
in this area that might be of interest. We have a lake behind the house
and a friend of mine has built 2 RR car ferries - one 12 feet long for his
G-Gauge RR. Let me know if you're interested.

Have a great day - Bests

Ron Timma
rft01 at

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> Hi,


> I've joined the list because I'm particularly interested in coastwise coal

> traffic -- particularly schooner barges that operated in the late 19th and

> early 20th enturies.


> In particular, I'm interested in the following vessels -- N&W #2, #3 and

> #6 -- all built by a shipyard in Brooklyn, NY in 1890, and sold to the


> a few years later. It would appear these were part of a larger order.


> Are there any experts here in N&W Marine history -- and in particular of

> this era? I'm particularly interested in photos, of course, but also

> operations of the schooner barges, including why would N&W start selling

> them so soon after purchase?


> How about the name of the shipyard in Brooklyn? Disposition of the sister

> schooners?


> The N&W barges that became NYS&W barges became Pennsylvania Coal Company

> vessels and then went to Neptuine Line. And at various times, may have


> used to bring N&W Coal to New England under subsequent owners.


> Any help, leads, direction would be most appreciated. If the entire


> has been covered in a 7 part series previously in the magazine <g>,


> let me know that too.


> Thanks!~


> Jim Guthrie

> Brooklyn, NY



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