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Hey all, A big hats off to Rick Musser and everyone at the Strasburg Railroad, they were the friendliest and nicest, The tours were great and getting a chance to not only ride behind the last N& W steam locomotive in operation,but also a chance to get pictures and video of it during the many runby and also the many going and coming during the day,The clinic and all were very well done. And anyone who did not attend because we went off line should have been there and felt the pride and all as N&W 475 showed all her stuff during the events . We arrived safely at home after a bout a 8 hour trip. so another HATS OFF TO RICK MUSSER , for doing a great job in hosting the convention, so see everyone next year .
David and Nathan Robinette
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Hello to all: Just arrived home (NJ) from the VERY enjoyable event in Strasburg. Conclusive proof (if that was still in doubt) that the NWHS can hold a successful convention "off line".
My thanks to Rick and everyone involved. And the weather - ! ! ! ! !

Jerry Crosson


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