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Connecting the N&W to the CO Northern would have been awkward by using the
B&O tracks and its connection up to the C&O Northern at Sciotoville. An N&W
w/b move would have required pulling into Star Yard and making a reverse
move through Sciotoville and climbing up to the C&O Northern on the
connecting track.

The tracks through the Piketon Nuclear Processing plant at Teays did exist
at that time and did not require the reverse move. Somebody needed the
permission of he NRB to increase the traffic through a classified facility

The C&O did use this connection for a short while when they had their
mainline blocked south of Teays for a bit.

Gary Rolih



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Your comments bring up some questions - namely how far along did the N&W/C&O
route rationalization planning proceed before the merger was nixed?

I believe the C&O Northern Subdivision was preferred over the N&W Columbus
District between Portsmouth and Columbus. My grandfather was a signal
maintainer for the C&O on the Northern and said that the railroad had power
switches on order to put on the B&O Portmouth Sub to improve the flow of N&W
traffic to the C&O at Sciotoville. With this in mind it appears that Star
Yard would have been retained and all trains to and from the N&W would
require the power switching ends at Portsmouth due the connection with the

Any other merger related items to share?


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This decorated NS crane reminds me of a story told to me by a C&O manager
while we were inspecting facilities at points where each railroad had a
facility, but where one facility would become redundant in the proposed
1965 merger of the N & W and C & O.

He said that there was a C & O car general foreman in Ohio who took great
pride in the appearance of his wreck derrick, even to the point of taking it

on him self to add the C & O's then-current logo. He was called on the
carpet later for his poor judgment.

It seems as though there was a major derailment pile up in his territory and

the local newspapers and TV station had a field day showing the piled-up
cars surrounding the general foreman's customized derrick sporting the logo,

"C & O for Progress!"

Gordon Hamilton

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