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Hot water is still used believe it or not. But, it is for environmentally sensitive areas. The steam effect it to cut the natural oils from the veggie leaf and they are then "uv'd" to death. Simple but effective and pure Green.

Article about this on passenger extension reopened to I believe, Ocean City just a few years ago.

Oakie G Ford

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Methinks the reason they are cutting and bulldozing both sides of the Right-of-Way is not for aesthetics and picture takers, but for vehicular access.

Know what's coming next? Engineer-only trains and "service trucks" driving alongside the trains in situations where the Conductor walks now.

After that, I guess it will be unmanned trains, and the computer service technician will be driving on those roads to repair the on-board computer. I can hear the industry's PR hype now: "Them Engineers is Featherbedders!" And the politicians will get greased, and the people who are supposed to regulate the railroads will smile and bless it, and a few people will get nice buy outs just to get lost. And operating railroaders of my generation will be in danger of being stuffed, mounted and put in a museum.

I'm glad my railroadin' days are about over. I don't think I like what's coming around the corner.

-- adb


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