Unloved and Unnamed Orphan Signals at Roanoke

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"The signal probably governs westward movement on the Westbound Running Track near "Switch Box 606," but neither of us remember any signal at this location... in the middle of the yard and a good distance from any interlocking. We concluded (and I think Ken concurred in this) that it is one of those "switch indicator" type signals the N&W had stuck around at various places, without mention in the Timetable Special Instructions. Employees were, I guess, supposed to figure it out for themselves"

I'm surprised you don't remember these. As you say, they were switch indicators for the crossovers at "606". The one for eastward movement was located between the EB Running Track and the ladder at the east end of the "Big Hopper" yard. It was just west of the "Long X Over" switch from the ladder to the EB running track. The Long X Over would let westbound trains enter the big hopper yard into only tracks 18, 19 and 20 while humping operations were going on from tracks 11 through 17.
When running east on the EB/RT if the signal was green you could proceed, if it was red you had to stop and wait for a hand signal from the 606 Switchman.
Jimmy Lisle
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