Unloved and Unnamed Orphan Signals at Roanoke

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Sun Nov 12 07:30:14 EST 2006

All of this discussion of PL signals, especially dwarfs has me begging
to ask a simple question.

As NS eliminates these signals, are there proper channels to go about
otaining a PL dwarf?

Thanks in advance...please feel free to e-mail me directly: cgtower at gmail.com


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> Abram

> The home made dwarf signal is made from two PL-2 position lights turned

> up side down with a

> home made visor attached above the lenses PL-2s did not have conical cover

> glasses as the PL-3s had. Most of the position lights that are left are of

> the PL-2 type. And of course the dwarf beside the locomotive is a PL-4 dwarf

> if you have any close ups photos of this type to share??

> would be nice as I am currently restoring one.


> Larry Evans

> Kenova


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