Wreck at Chattaroy in 1957

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Gary -

The 1205 hit some rain-softened track pulling #86 at Chattaroy on Feb. 9, 1957 and went down into US 52. The engineer was Harry Doty and the Fireman was Fred Tyree, neither of whom was seriously injured. Most of the 1205's serious damage occurred to the front engine; it was taken back to Portsmouth Shop and to expedite its return to service was given the front engine of the 1213 which was being overhauled. This resulted in both engines finishing their careers with mismatched engines - the multiple-bearing crosshead-equipped 1205 had 1213's alligator crosshead-equipped front engine, and vice versa. Pictures of both engines after the overhaul are in the A book, and a photo of 1205 lying in US 52 will be in the second edition. I knew both Doty and Tyree when I worked at Portsmouth in the early 1960s.

Hope this helps.

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Anyone have any info on a wreck in 1957 at Chattaroy WV? A Y or A Class went over the side pulling box cars over the US 52?

Please reply to me Rolih at nwhs.org or to the mailing list.

Ed King, do you have anything on this?


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