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I'll take Bluefield's humidity over that here in the Midwest in June. :)

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Why are the conventions always held during the mid-summer months?
Todd, it may be as simple as that no one has asked to change the dates of the Convention. It was held in the Summer and people came, but keep in mind that changing the date may effect the availability of convention sites. Convention planning is started a year or more in advance. Arrangements and reservations are made months ahead. We try to have the convention at a site with direct N&W historical connections well as trains to look at and things of interest to do. Picking a best color time in the mountains of WV and Va is a tricky thing. You most likely will end up with either green or brown (or possibly white) background instead of a cascade of colors.

If there is a strong desire to change the dates of the annual Convention, you need to let the Society Officers and Board of Directors know AND offer suggestions of where and when. We are open to suggestions. Maybe someone will think of something new and different. Contact can be made thru the Society web site.

The 2007 Convention is in Bluefield, WV. Hopefully the humidity in late June will not be too bad.

Chuck Stewart
Bahama, NC


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