N&W office car 103 in 1965

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N&W printed a blue-print fold-out titled "Drawings of Pass.Equipment" which
an index showing business cars, passenger cars, and head-end cars by class.
archives has one revised to 1963, but the index shows no car #103. The
business cars
run Nos. 100,101,102 then 200, 300, etc. The catalog of passenger equipment
shows the same thing -- no #103. Between 1963-1978, I didn't find any
car rosters. During this time, N&W had a stainless steel business car- "The
Exporter", but I can't remember the number. Believe the car was built at
DeCrater Shops
and was later sold to one of the smaller Canadian roads - Ontario Northland
maybe. It
may have come to N&W in the 1964 merger. Perhaps this car was #103.

Harry Bundy

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