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Thu Dec 14 17:23:01 EST 2006

I am retired, so can be very flexible as to convention dates. BUT - from my
experience, the word "summer" is too vague for NWHS planning purposes. So,
let's focus on members with school age children. In New Jersey (where I
live), schools end in mid June and resume after Labor Day. In the midwest (where
my grandchildren live), the school year ends in late May and resumes in mid
August. That amounts to a 3 to 4 week 'shift' in summer. How do these dates
compare to the rest of NWHS territory ?

Let's come up with a 'window' the great majority of us can live with. P.S.
- I was able to get to Lynchburg and Williamson and Strasburg, and expect to
get to Bluefield.

Jerome Crosson
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