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My daughter is in college and lives away from home now, so her school schedule no longer impacts my ability to do such things as it once did. However, working for myself keeps me busy and planning a long trip away from my office for 4 or 5 days requires advanced planning and scheduling. I prefer the summer simply because the weather is better. If a convention was scheduled in West Virginia coal country in January, I would never go. Between the cold and the chance for snow, I would just not plan to go. Now if there was SOME way to bring 611 out of mothballs in October for a fall NWHS convention so she could pull leaf tour excursions that would certainly be something to get my attention.
Just my two cents' worth...

Bob Welsh
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Hi All,

Having the conventions during the summer has worked well for my son and I. There is no way we could have made Roanoke and Williamson if they had been when school was in. With all the fall sports the kids play in this neck of the woods, it's difficult to set aside a long weekend. We probably would still have made Strasburg, if it had been in the fall, only because it was less than 3 hours from our house (New Jersey). We look forward to Bluefield! So my son Rudy and I put our votes in to keep the conventions during the (The late June early July have worked well for us) summer.

Rudy Garbely


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