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Regarding Convention Dates: I last commented with my "Settle Down Now Chaps" back in July 2005, regarding the then forthcoming next convention in Strasburg of this year. I ended the email with the following:- "If I had one thought, it would be that the Convention did not fall when your weather is SO very HOT".

Following the current trend of comments, both for and against possible change from the current mid summer convention dates, for a Spring or Fall, I would like to add my two pence worth.

OK it is usually very hot and humid in June/July, we are not used to such temperatures in the UK and we find your mid-summer uncomfortable in the US for us, thank goodness for AC. Mid-summer is the most expensive for airline fares and the flights are generally very full with vacationers. Hotels/Lodging/Car hire is at a premium for cost and availability for us. I believe even your gas prices are higher during your driving season at this time of year, along with July 4th etc., therefore it would be more comfortable all round, to hold the convention either earlier or later than as current. One member commented on January in WV, come on get real, that month was not in the frame for the convention.

My other concern as per previous email, is the purpose of the NWHS convention, I understood it was for the folk interested in the history of N&W, not a family outing or general jamboree. By all means, members with children, enthuse junior's interest in trains, but that is your role, not the role of the society's annual convention. There are books/magazines and plenty of venues to railfan and ride preserved steam, visit railroad museums and train exhibitions etc., independently as a family. Many of the "outings/tours" that form part of our conventions, i.e.dispatch centre/steel works/cement works/mine shafts and workings, NS rail yards and shops tours, I consider not suitable venues for children under a certain age, or are the evening workshops in the hotels.

It's hard with kids, and many things have to go "on hold". Many folk as part of their jobs, will have to sometimes travel away from home to company meetings or training sessions etc., do they expect to take their children along, or do they make other arrangements for their children while they are away!!

I am not against children attending conventions venues, but why should the majority be held to dates to suit the minority. As part of the NWHS constitution, is their a sub-section rule that an issue of substance concerning the society and it's members, should be put to the vote. For the record, I vote for future change of the main NWHS convention with outdoor outings to be held in either Late Spring or Early Autumn Fall. This may be considered lower season cost wise, the days are still long-ish and not getting dark too early and will not clash with the annual NMRA convention. Why not do a trial run and switch date one year and see, it can always go back to hot humid high season mid-summer if it does not work-out, nothing is forever.

Seasons Greetings to all and
regards from
Richard and Ann Hood
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