Questions on the J's and A's

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I lived in Williamson W.Va when the first J went into service. I watched the
engine change, at Williamson, for #15 ,while going home for lunch from
H.S.every day. The J always had the present whistle. One day I was honored
to be invited into the cab, by the Hostler, as he was waiting for #15 to
arrive. Dad was a cival engineer for the N&W and my Grandparents lived a
short distance from Sardinia. Ohio. WE made the round trip from W.Va about
twice a month. Alot of good memories.

Bob Stump

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>Back in Nov. you ask.


> "Were the J1's of 1943 equipped with the same

>type whistle as the 611 and the other streamlined J's, or were they


>with the hooter whistles (until they were streamlined) since they were

>considered a freight locomotive? "


> I was just looking at a builders photo this morning of a J1 and

>it confirms that the Hancock whistle was on the engine when



>Larry Evans

>Kenova, WV



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