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Thu Jan 4 12:34:09 EST 2007

"These exchanges, and especially the last, prompt me to
wonder why there were and are no national standardized
signalling standards in the U.S., and why
straightforward color aspect or multiple aspect
signalling (i.e. green yellow red) not apparently
adopted. Color blindness would not have been a major
issue, I assume."

Let me add this to the ongoing discussion.

The "Approach" signal is the MOST important signal there is! Therefore, the
"Approach" signal should be as distinguishable from other signals as

Due to a screwup at a lens making factory, this has not been the case.
Someone made the yellow all wrong. It was so far on the Orange side of the
spectrum that it appeared Red at times. This was entirely unacceptable!

I whole heartedly agree that there should be a standard. There should be a
standard color for yellow! What is currently available is still unaceptable
in my book. It should be the same color as what had been used in the CPL
signals, a brite cadium yellow. Something that is able to pierce the fog and
inclimate weather as much as possible!
Jimmy Lisle

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