VMT sale of NKP 763

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A loss (though not financial) for the VMT, but I always prefer to see
engines return to their former home territory. NKP 763 belongs in
Bellevue, not Roanoke.

J. Kelling, Greenbelt, MD

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Roanoke, Jan. 3, 2007 - Ohio Central Railroad System
CEO Jerry Joe Jacobson shakes the hand of Virginia
Transportation Museum Executive Director Bev
Fitzpatrick during a meeting where OCRS agreed
to purchase from VMT the former Nickel Plate Road
2-8-4 763. Several options were discussed for the
swapping of steam locomotives to bring the big Berk
back home to the Buckeye State, but both organizations
were in agreement that a straight cash sale would be
better suited for all concerned.

Details of the sale have not been announced. The
OCRS has nine other steam locos (three of which are
operational), and will bring the Berk to the
railroad's Morgan Run Shop this spring where 763
will be rebuilt for service by OC shop forces. VMT
is home to an impressive collection of railroad
rolling stock, including historic steamers such as
N&W J-class 4-8-4 611 and A-class 2-6-6-4 1218.
Nickel Plate 763 was built by Lima in 1944, and was
operated across Ohio in fast freight service. When
NKP dieselized its road power in 1958 the 763 was
stored in the yard at Bellevue for future donation
to that town. However, after the 1964 merger of NKP
into Norfolk & Western, N&W took the steamer to its
headquarters city of Roanoke where 763 has been
displayed ever since.

P.S. Markku: Perhaps we'll learn the terms soon, as
well as if other items in the collection are available
for de-accessioning if the price is right.
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