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As far as I know, heralds were not used on hopper cars until the mid-1960's when N&W adopted the "half-moon" or "hamburger" herald, or monogram.

However, the size of the "N&W" on the car sides was 17 inches until October 21, 1952. At that time, the stenciling diagrams and the revision books indicate the size of the "N&W" was to be increased to 24 inches. Simultaneously, the size of the end lettering and numbers was increased from 4 inches to 7 inches.

Obviously, the change in stenciling was not made to all cars overnight, but rather as they were shopped and repainted. Given the ever seeming shortage of hoppers on a coal hauling railroad, it is possible that many cars were shopped for the necessary repairs/inspections, but not immediately repainted.

You would see, and do see in the various videos, both sizes of lettering in the same trains, etc. So it would be appropriate, assuming you model 1953 or later, to have a N&W hopper fleet with a mix of sizes of the "N&W" stenciling.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD
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The N&W used 2 different size hearlds on these hoppers. Can some one tell me what the 2 different sizes are and when they were used?
Fred Mullins
modeling the Atlantic & Danville
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