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To revisit an oft-discussed topic... I just ran across some notes I had made while reading Chris Baer's marvellous and voluminous "Chronology of the PRR." Chris is a researcher at the Heagley Museum.

He notes that in May 1872, Tuscan Red was implemented on coaches used in New Jersey, account smoke from soft coal discoloring coaches of other colors. (Remember that a lot of engines were burning anthracite or wood at this time.)

And he records that on November 12, 1902, the coaches of the Congressional Limited and the Pennsylvania Limited (which were formerly yellow, I think) were converted to Tuscan Red.

These two dates may mark the beginning and the end of the change to Tuscan on that pike.

Given that the Shenandoah Valley was built under the inspiration of that large railroad two-states-to-the-north, I'd imagine the SV RR coaches were Tuscan red.

Has anyone found reference to the color(s) used on Virginia & Tennessee and AM&O passenger equipment?

-- abram burnett

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