Are their any steam N&W Steam loco engineers left?

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Sun Jan 21 08:00:48 EST 2007

Something I've wanted to know for a long time is the job of being a steam
locomotive engineer. I want to know the details of the job.

What was it like to be an engineer on a coal drag using a Y3, as far as
operating the engine, going from simple to compound and back and dealing
with iced rails?

What was it like to be engineer on the lead engine in a double header, and
when and how much throttle and cut-off was used etc?

What was it like to be a Z1a engineer, back in the hollows, switching coal
at the mines?

What was it like to be engineer on a K3, or K2 in passenger service, as the
train weights increased?

What was it like to be an engineer on an M class, up in the hills, and what
things were different with locals?

What was it like being an engineer on a Y6 pulling a time freight, and how
fast could you go?

I sure hope this aspect of N&W history isn't gone. I guess "Rails
Remembered" may be the only book to cover any parts of day-to-day operation
like that.
It would be a shame if those folks who ran the locos and worked on them and
even designed them were unable to tell their stories.

Mark Lindsey

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