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Roanoke Times - February 8, 1907

New Equipment for N. & W.

The Road Acquiring Large Additions to Rolling Stock.

The deliveries made to the Norfolk and Western during the month of
January, comprised nine mail cars, made by the Pullman Company, of
Pullman, Ill.; one steam derrick, made by the Industrial Works, of
Bay City, Mich.; seventeen locomotives of the heaviest type, made by
the American Locomotive Co., of Richmond, Va.; 239 fifty-ton box
cars, made by the American Car and Foundry Company, of
Jeffersonville, Ind.; 143 fifty-ton hopper cars, made by the
Middletown Car Works, of Middletown, Pa.; and 460 fifty-ton hopper
cars, made by South Baltimore Car and Foundry Co., of Baltimore, Md.

In addition to the above, there have been built and delivered at the
Roanoke machine shops ninety-six fifty-ton hopper cars, and
twenty-seven forty-ton flat cars.

The shops are in full tilt, and are working to full capacity.

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