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Roanoke Times - February 9, 1907

Railroad Notes

The question of building either an electric or dummy line from Burkes
Garden to Tazewell or some other point on the Norfolk and Western
railway, is still exciting a good deal of interest in Tazewell.

It is said that Messrs. Joe W. Kestler and M.T. Barry, who are
representatives of the Shamokin Lumber Company, of Shamokin, Pa., are
in Tazewell. This company is the one that some time ago purchased a
large boundary of timber lands located about what is known as "Bear
Town" and adjacent to Burkes Garden. These representatives of the
company are now here for making available to the markets the timber
which the said company now owns at the location above named. It is
rumored that the Quigley Lumber Company is seeking to have the
Shamokin company connect with the route of the Quigley company to
Saltville, and ship its lumber from that point. But he Shamokin
people have viewed a route from Burkes Garden to Peery's, or Burkes
Garden Switch, located two miles east of Tazewell. It is understood
that the Shamokin people are greatly impressed with this route.

Accidents on the Increase

Washington, Feb. 8. -- An accident bulletin issued by the Interstate
Commerce Commission for the three month ended Deptember 30, showed
the total number of casualties to passengers and employees while on
duty to have been 19, 850, as against 16, 937 reported in the
preceding three months. The number of passengers and employees killed
in train accidents was 267, as against 194 reported in the preceding
three months. Fifty-two passengers were killed. in the quarter there
were 1,891 collisions and 201 derailments affected passenger trains.
The damage to cars, engines and roadways by these accidents amounted
to $2,933,760. The number of employees killed in coupling and
uncoupling cars and engines was 81, an increase of 13 over the previous quarter.

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