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> Ken,

> While satellite broadcasting did not exist until

> the 1960's, AT&T

> started development of their microwave backbone

> transmission system in the

> late 1940's and it was old news when I joined them

> in 1966. We were putting

> in second or third generation equipment by then.

> While ENG from a moving

> locomotive was most likely out of the question at

> that time, remote pickup

> from microwave trucks just as we do today (I'm still

> in the TV engineering

> business after 34 years) was certainly available.


> Just picking a few nits..


> Harry Wilkins

> Huntsville, AL

Telstar 1 was launched on July 10th 1962 see

Not the satellite, but intriguing and fun
but se also

There is footage (VHS video or probably now on DVD) of
I think a Flying Scotsman (or maybe Mallard or Royal
Scot) speed run from London to Edinburgh non-stop,
with aerial footage shot presumably from aircraft. Not
though live ...... some clips of possible interest are

On filmmaking techniques, history etc see though I don't
think it explores live production and broadcasting.

I helped research and program a Rail to Reels season 4
years ago, but don't recall the issue coming up.



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