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Thanks Harry.

I was not aware of such a system, however, I imagine that it was
still pretty uncommon in most places by the early 1960s. I know we
did not have such capability until the 1980s, and Roanoke was like a
65th market, and we spent a bunch of money on the news operation and
equipment (certainly not on us employees!)

Since this was a network operation in conjunction with the local NBC
folks, I doubt they brought in any big equipment for this piece.

Ken Miller

On Mar 31, 2007, at 11:25 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

> Ken,

> While satellite broadcasting did not exist until the 1960's, AT&T

> started development of their microwave backbone transmission system

> in the

> late 1940's and it was old news when I joined them in 1966. We

> were putting

> in second or third generation equipment by then. While ENG from a

> moving

> locomotive was most likely out of the question at that time, remote

> pickup

> from microwave trucks just as we do today (I'm still in the TV

> engineering

> business after 34 years) was certainly available.


> Just picking a few nits..


> Harry Wilkins

> Huntsville, AL


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>> Satellite or microwave

>> broadcasting that is common today was unheard of in 1958.


>> Ken Miller


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>>> I do recall the Today show broadcasting from Roanoke in



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