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The Vicker Tower is on the old N&W line on the west slope of Christiansburg Hill. As far as I know (at least as of 5 years ago), the tower was still standing, but the position light signals were changed out in the 90's. I was there last December, but it was late at night and I couldn't see if the tower was still there. There's a good photo on page 112 of The Norfolk And Western Handbook by Wallace and Wiley.

My buddy and I used to head out after class in the afternoon and on the weekend to either Christiansburg, Vicker, or Walton with our books and do homework while waiting for trains! Sometimes we'd go out at night and wait for trains. Often times we'd hear the engines echo off the mountains before we heard them on the radio, but to hear a train and watch as the headlight slowly builds around the bend at Vicker from a faint glare to a bright flood is an awesome thing!

Thanks for the memories!

Ed Cake
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Was this built on the Virginian or N&W line? I didn't recognize the
present day signals. The line is now NS.

J. Kelling
Greenbelt, MD

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