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Thanks for your prompt response to our concerns. Glad my "head scratching"
got me to the right answers.

Dave Phelps

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You interpreted the form correctly.

ONE registration covers you AND the rest of your family.

The tours and other events require purchasing tickets for each attendee.

Ron Davis

At 06:20 PM 4/2/2007, you wrote:

There's also an issue with the basic convention registration being called
both an "individual" and a "family" registration. If, as is true in my case,
my wife is going with me, and I'm purchasing event tickets for her, which I
am, do I buy one or two convention registrations? I took a wild guess and
bought one, and I asked in the "special instructions" block for clarification,
which I have not received - so I guess I have no choice but to ask in this

Dave Phelps

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