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Roanoke Times - April 06, 1907


Lynchburg's Union Station, N.&W., Will be Remodeled

Lynchburg, Va., April 5. -- President Johnson, of the Norfolk and
Western railway, arrived here yesterday afternoon in his private car
attached to No. 4 passenger train. By invitation a special committee
from the Civic League, consisting of Messrs. H. H . Harris, John W.
Craddock, A. R. Long, D. C. Jackson, G. E. Caskie, J. C. Dabney and
Dr. J. L. Kent met Mr. Johnson, who with Chief Engineer Churchill
explained the plans for the proposed improvements to the union depot.
The present main reception room is to be used for a smoking room,
and part of the ladies' waiting room is to be added to the baggage
room and baggage office. The present building will have a second
story added to it, which will be entered by a bridge on a level with
Jefferson street. On this floor there will be a separate waiting
rooms for whites and blacks, a little larger than the rooms below,
and there will be a separate ticket office for each. There will be an
overhead bridge from the waiting room to the Chesapeake and Ohio
track, with steps leading thereto, and all the granolithic pavement
leading to Seventh street will be covered in order to shelter
passengers going to and from the trains. The present capacity will be
more than doubled.
The building will not be let to bidders, but Mr. John P. Pettijohn
will do the work and will begin within the next two weeks, so that
the additions may be completed as soon as possible. The plans were
approved by the committee, who made several suggestions which were
cheerfully adopted by Mr. Johnson.
Mr. Johnson also showed the committee plans for a bridge at
Seventh street to Orange street, with two approaches, one near to the
building of T. A. Jennings & Co., and the other at the Southern
railway track at Cabell street. Several of the committee objected to
part of these plans, and Mr. Johnson very gracefully suggested that
perhaps it would be well for the city engineer and Mr. Churchill to
discuss the matter and the thus arrive at the best possible plans for
a bridge there.

- Roger Link

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